Parking Improvements in Downtown Huntsville

As a city with a strong tech and innovation culture, Huntsville is often quick to consider new technologies that can enhance the overall guest experience. Projects like Google Fiber, Pace Bikeshare and ride hailing (Uber or Lyft) services were quickly successful here because of their innovative approaches.

Unfortunately, this innovation-centric approach hasn’t been in place for Downtown public parking.  Until now!

After extensive research and hard work by the City of Huntsville’s Parking and Public Transit Department, innovative parking solutions continue to make parking more convenient in Downtown.  This is especially important because of the number of people who live, work and play in our city center keeps growing every year. These Downtown users are often tech-savvy and expect a tech-forward approach to city services including public parking.

While the City has been steadily adding credit card payment options to many of the Downtown garages, the on-street, metered parking is now receiving an innovative makeover!  Below are a few highlights of this program:

  • The City has added the Passport payment option to approximately 450 metered spaces in the Downtown and the Medical District.   

  • To use Passport, simply download the free Passport App (available on both iPhone or Android) or visit and register for an account. Then enter a major credit card.

  • Users still have the option to pay with coins at a meter.  You also now have the option to use Passport to pay with a major credit card.

  • Once you find your parking spot, you will need to enter your vehicle tag number.  You can register multiple vehicles.

  • Users can pick what time you think you will need and will receive reminders when the time is close to expiring. Users can extend their parking session remotely if needed, and can also view payment history and receive email receipts.

In addition to the Passport app, the City will also soon be installing multi-space parking meters in Lot H which adjoins The Avenue and along Church Street adjoining Big Spring Park.  To learn more about this technology, you can visit here.


For more on these exciting enhancements to Downtown parking, you can check out this WAAY story and this WHNT story.  Great examples of making our Downtown a hub on innovation on many different levels!