Here Comes the Downtown Huntsville Craft Coffee Trail!

Have you heard that a new “Trail” is coming to Downtown Huntsville?  If you enjoy the concept behind the Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail (that is, visit multiple establishments, get a stamp, and then get free swag), then you should enjoy the Craft Coffee Trail too.


Because we’re basically replicating the concept but just replacing the beers and ciders with teas and java.

With Sunday’s Inaugural Huntsville Coffee and Tea Festival now in the books, you can continue that experience at 7 stops along the Downtown Huntsville Craft Coffee Trail.  It’s really simple:  get a Trail Card from the DHI office or any of the 7 stops and then begin your caffeinated journey around the city center.

To further pique your interest, here’s a snapshot of the 7 Trail Stops.  Visit each one and you’ll get one of these…


Olde Towne Coffee

As the senior statemen of the Trail, Olde Towne Coffee has been the go-to destination for coffee-seekers in Five Points and throughout the City.  The eclectic décor, relaxing patio and fantastic espresso makes Olde Towne Coffee one of our favorite stops on the Craft Coffee Trail, located at 511 Pratt Avenue NE.

Honest Coffee

If you visited Honest Coffee two years ago, you would have found yourself in the middle of a first-floor parking deck.  That’s because Honest was one of the first businesses to open at The Garage at Clinton Row, located at 114 Clinton Ave. E #106 —the award-winning adaptive re-use of the Clinton Avenue parking deck’s ground floor.  In addition to its fantastic coffee (and revolving Signature drinks like the Bootlegger), Honest also features great food including Acai Bowls and baked goods from local stalwarts Mason Dixon and Canadian Bakin.

Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co.

While many Huntsvillians know Piper & Leaf for their artisan teas, this Huntsville original has branched into great coffee drinks too.  In the Downtown area, you can visit them at either their flagship location, Lowe Mill ARTS and Entertainment at 2211 Seminole Dr. SW, or their brand-new Downtown shop at beautifully-renovated Constitution Park, 109 Gates Ave SE.  While we encourage you to enjoy both, you only have to get a stamp from either of them to continue your Trail journey.

Offbeat Coffee Studio

Like many of you, we love to visit Campus No. 805 for some of the best local beer in America.  Now, we can satisfy our coffee cravings there too with the opening of Offbeat Coffee Studio in the main campus building next to Straight to Ale at 2620 Clinton Ave W.  While sipping their eclectic coffee offerings (we love the marshmallow espresso!), you can also check out their small vinyl shop inside this eye-catching coffee destination.

Sugar Belle

Sitting on the western edge of the city center, Sugar Belle has long been a cupcake and artisan donut destination located at 515 Jordan Ln NW. They’ve now added amazing coffee drinks to their list of fantastic offerings. We love everything they have to offer including some of the best nitro coffee you’ll find in the Rocket City!

Gold Sprint Coffee

In just a few weeks, the Craft Coffee Trail is slated to get its newest addition with the opening of Gold Sprint in the heart of the Lowe Mill District.  Gold Sprint is a cross between a great coffee shop and a unique bike shop with some fantastic tasting food to try.  And, with one of the larger patios on the Trail, Gold Sprint coffee drinks just beg to be enjoyed on a beautiful day either solo or with friends. You can find Gold Sprint Coffee at 2515 9th Ave SW.

Alchemy Coffee

While Alchemy’s signature new coffee destination at the City Centre development in Downtown Huntsville won’t be open in time for the debut of the Craft Coffee Trail, we’re encouraging Trail users to visit their shop at The Camp near Top Golf in the meantime, located at 5909 University Drive.  You can get a qualifying stamp at Alchemy’s venue at The Camp until their new shop opens in the city center soon!