#FindYour in #DowntowHuntsville

In October 2013, DHI debuted our original Place Branding campaign for Downtown Huntsville featuring interesting images paired with clever phrases describing the Rocket City Center (a big h/t to our friends at Matter for leading that campaign). At the time, many of today’s favorite Downtown shopping and dining destinations weren’t open yet so the available inventory of images was fairly sparse.

Fast forward to 2017 and DHI updated our Place Branding efforts with the “We Are Downtown Huntsville” campaign. Featuring “real people, doing real things, at real places” in Downtown Huntsville, the “We Are” campaign featuring many new Downtown entrepreneurs, artists, and thought leaders doing their dynamic thing in the city center. 

The campaign was designed to introduce (or, in some cases, “re-introduce”) the authentic new spaces and places in Downtown Huntsville since DHI got started in 2013. Whether is was brewing, shopping, creating or more, the images represented the fast-paced and unique new growth in Downtown (a big h/t to Kadie Pangburn for the incredible images).

This week, DHI unveiled our newest Place Branding campaign:  #FindYour in #DowntownHuntsville.  While the “We Are” campaign told you about our incredible city center, the “Find Your” campaign builds on that and invites you to experience first-hand the uniqueness that makes Downtown Huntsville so amazing (another h/t to Kadie for the great images in this campaign too).

The diverse type of experiences throughout Downtown Huntsville are featured with beautiful images and stylized suggestions for authentic ways to experience the Rocket City Center. Similar to “We Are”, there are no actors or stock photos featured in the “Find Your” campaign. Instead, these are actual Hunstvillians experiencing actual spaces and places in the Downtown area.

Thanks to all of the participating people and venues who joined us in making the #FindYour in #DowntownHuntsville campaign such an exciting new way to share the compelling Place Brand that makes Downtown Huntsville an interesting and authentic destination.